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Market-Focused Formulation Expertise at the Ready

A lab technician observing a vat of chemicalsAt Nexeo Solutions, we go beyond the loading dock, because we know your business requires deep technical support to optimize your raw materials and make your end products successful in the marketplace. To that end, we provide a broad range of chemical analysis and testing services, as well as formulation support and creation services, to help you make the most of your products. Our goal is to help you innovate and create market-leading products. With multiple in-house laboratories purpose-built with advanced analysis and testing equipment to support a variety of industries, Nexeo Solutions is positioned to understand your goals and help you optimize your formula. Our in-house labs, staffed with highly trained and experienced chemists and technicians, can deliver a wide variety of services.

Specialty Lab Services for Your Products

Let us help you address your market needs. At Nexeo Solutions, we work to support your growth by striving to anticipate your needs ahead of your competitors. Our formulation laboratories are experienced in serving many end markets to meet a variety of requirements.

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