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Kundenspezifische verpackungen und etikettierungsdienste

Industry Leader in Packaging and Private Label Services

A stack of unlabeled household cleanersNexeo Solutions offers a wide variety of options to blend, package and custom label your products to your specifications. We repackage chemicals, lubricants and greases into a variety of container sizes.

With an in-house, ISO-certified laboratory, Nexeo Solutions incorporates detailed quality assurance and control measures at every step of our process to deliver quality products. In addition, we offer toll blending and container/label customization.

Our capabilities follow:

  • Repackaging bulk chemicals, including solvents, lubricants and greases
  • On-site blending in a variety of batch sizes, from 100 to 5,000 gallons
  • Packaging of custom blends into a variety of containers (1 oz. to 55 gallons)


  • ISO-9001:2015-certified facility and on-site quality control laboratory
  • Lot traceability back to incoming raw materials
  • Quality control testing of incoming raw materials and finished products
  • Retention of blends and in-line samples

Custom Packaging Services

We provide a variety of container and package options in both metal and plastic, including:

  • As small as 1 oz. tubes and cartridges
  • Cans
  • Pints
  • Quarts
  • Gallons and 2.5 gallons
  • 5 gallon pails
  • 55-gallon drums

Private Label Services

With ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities, Nexeo Solutions is a qualified private label chemical service provider that keeps quality and safety on the forefront. Our team’s goal is to make sure that our services deliver products that meet your specifications.

  • Ability to process and handle customer-supplied labels or logos
  • Provide label design and printing services
  • Offer custom artwork (match your logo to your unique container)

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