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Bestandteile für körperpflegeprodukte

Partner with a Top Supplier of Personal Care, Cosmetic and Skin Care Ingredients

Lab technician testing chemicalsAt Nexeo Solutions, we're with you through every step of the formulation and testing process. We offer a broad selection of certified specialty personal care ingredients and can help customize formulations to meet your specific product needs.

Whether specialty or commodity, we represent the industry’s leading suppliers and can provide products that meet your production requirements.

We offer state-of-the-art formulation development and application testing. Our in-house labs are focused on your specific market need, brand goal or upgrade to your product line. Nexeo Solutions has a team of scientists and formulation experts ready to help you with product development, failure analysis and more.

We have a nationwide footprint of facilities that handle bulk specialty and commodity chemicals. Our technical team is easily accessible to deliver value-added services to help you maximize your product performance.

Alternatives in Sunscreen Formulations

Alternatives in Sunscreen FormulationsOxybenzone is one of the most common filters found in sunscreens, despite the threat it poses to our bodies. To coincide with the recent market changes revolving around many suncare products, our personal care experts have already developed several oxybenzone-free formulations using leading industry materials to give your products safe UV protection that you can trust.

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