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Monitor and Automate Your Tank Level Inventory Management

The exterior of several large white storage tanksExcess or insufficient inventory levels are costly for any operation. Let us help you automate your inventory and measurement responsibilities.

Nexeo Solutions offers telemetry services that run on wireless technology, removing the physical work of manually checking levels, enabling you to monitor and replenish your storage tanks in real time.

Address Your Unique Storage Needs 

Nexeo Solutions helps customize your inventory management by offering two distinct levels of storage monitoring to fit your landscape. Whether your facility is built around bulk or mini-bulk tank systems, our service provides a monitoring program that is tailored to your needs.

Each system is customizable to your specific need and environment, and includes an economical equipment monitoring solution, simple installation and automated control package.

Features and Benefits:

  • 24/7 tank monitoring to improve inventory accuracy and help prevent stock-outs
  • Multiple levels of storage monitoring, including bulk and mini-bulk systems
  • Customized data integration into company processes and ERP systems
  • Enhanced employee safety by eliminating the need for an employee to physically check tank levels
  • Smart scheduling that reduces emergency orders


  • Refineries, plants and terminals
  • Manufacturing sites, blending operations and distribution points
  • Oil and gas operations
  • Storage locations
  • Mini bulk and tanks

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