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Dedicated Professionals, Sustainable Solutions and Purchasing Power

Two workers observing a crevasse Our on-site services deliver customized solutions that simplify your environmental responsibilities, while achieving long-term sustainability. Our total waste management programs are custom-designed to meet or exceed your disposal goals.

With a deep understanding of how to address environmental challenges to benefit your company, our team is prepared to help you minimize waste with economics and compliance as leading drivers to your goals.

As one of the largest formulators and distributors of chemicals and plastics in the U.S., we have the unique ability to holistically manage both input and output, capitalizing on circular economics while reducing our customers’ overall cost.

Simplify Your Environmental Responsibility

Let us do the work for you! Backed up by expert support, Nexeo Solutions offers comprehensive solutions for your on-site goals. We begin with an on-site assessment, offering you prioritized objectives which identify improvement opportunities. We then implement your customized program, which can range from select vendor management to broader programmatic management of site personnel, equipment, vendors and environmental reporting.

Implementation is done with safety and regulatory compliance in mind, and using analytical services to help properly characterize waste for appropriate disposal. All projects are data driven, following strict key performance indicators to achieve sustainability and budget objectives.

Benefits of Nexeo Solutions' On-Site Services:

Environmental Sustainability

  • Decreased exposure to long-term risk
  • Reduction of waste to landfills
  • Access to Nexeo Solutions chemical and plastics customer base for potential by-product synergy
  • Exposure to a network of domestic recyclers and beneficial reuse outlets
  • Membership to a number of industry trade and peer partnership conferences

Lean Manufacturing or Waste Minimization

  • Labor force and route optimization
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Ongoing training and compliance consultations
  • RFID and barcode container management, waste tracking, and  real-time reporting

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